Color Swatching Vibrant Puzzles

It is like opening a puzzle box and dumping out the pieces. It looks perplexing with its various shapes and mismatched edges; however, with careful planning, the pieces start to fit into a magical final image. Starting a new work is always difficult. For me, finding where to begin has been the biggest struggle as well as what ways will this new idea help me to further my understanding of my current research. I decided the best thing was to start with looking at commonality. Over the course of break, I have taken the time to watch a variety of shows, like Dickinson, Money Heist, Sweet Home, and Alice in Borderland. Besides the darker tones and questions raised of the use of violence in humanity, they all generated very surreal atmospheres with a deeper understanding and empathy towards character with an interwoven narrative pertaining to questions of our role in humanity. From the artistic standpoint, the title sequences were the most captivating.

Besides the title sequences listed below, I became interested in the use of poetry, partially due to the show Dickinson. What captivated me about poetry was the power of the imagery and symbolism of the words. I began to see a connection between poetry and title sequences. Like a poem, there is an abstraction that summarizes the film and alludes to a greater narrative. It is a snippet of a film plot, but the images flow in an almost experimental way. It is something stylistically I have never worked with before.

While the above videos were some of the visual inspiration I have found, below is a poem that really captivated me. For me, the words in many of the poems start to help me draw lines in my mind of how to visually represent child trauma in ways I had not considered before. I think part of what led me down this path was also the notion found in the Routledge reading when Meredith David speaks of researching “the lived experiences of individuals in an effort to understand a particular phenomenon.” Provided below is a link to a list of poems about abuse.

Her Smile (Pantoum) by Tynea Lewis

Her smile was visible to all,

Showing a dark secret

From an inescapable memory

Because of the lie she kept telling herself.

Showing a dark secret,

The light was dimming

Because of the lie she kept telling herself.

She tried to push the pain aside.

The light was dimming

From an inescapable memory

She tried to push the pain aside.

Her smile was visible to all.

This is obviously the early stages of preparing for a proposal, so I began to play around with various ideas. There is an artist Andy Willis, who creates art of an entire movie by taking the color patterns found in each movie sequence and compacting them into blocks ( I thought taking a similar approach to his work would help me to start understanding color choices when creating an animation. As a result, I made three, five-by-five grids. Each one containing either five horror games, five children shows, or five horror movies. As a result of the colors, I began to wonder about the transition of colors to display a message, especially with how stark a contrast there is between the vibrant colors of a children’s program to the darkened tones in horror.

As I continue to go through the horror genre, I am starting to understand the value dream-like abstractions have in order to address the difficult narrative of child trauma. Currently, as I take the tools used to create palpability in these situations, I am curious about how to utilize the transition of color to symbolize the loss of innocence? Also, with exploring colors used with the horror genre, how to keep in mind those who may have color blindness as when I was switching red to green on a previous assignment, I did not consider that implication. Another issue that has been raised is how to create the intensity of horror without making it too intense that people overlook the message.

For the next steps, I plan on looking at more formal literature pertaining not only to elements in horror, such as color, sound, and fantasy, but also looking at the way title sequence work as a form of displaying information in a short and quick manner. Besides using what I have explored recently and taking what I learned last semester, I will start playing around with thumbnails and creating a clearer directions for this five-week journey.

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