Recently, in Korean 5455 with the visit of Professor Chan Park, I revisited the world of pansori. Pansori is a form of storytelling performed by a singer and drummer. The performances can go up to six hours. In her visit, Professor Park discussed different elements of the performance and gave her own demonstration with The Tale of Shim Chong (Shimcheongga). This happens to be the story that inspired the environments I designed for this 7-week project. One of the inspirational points she had was the idea of becoming a pansori performer. Typically, a performer is born into the role through family; however, there are cases, like her, where they come in and learn later in life. This is where she discusses the unique possibilities because of her different start in identity development as an outsider pansori singer. This story and performance was really inspiring because it also happened to line up with my search into identity through this project.

Because I am looking at traditional architecture inspired by this story, I thought it would be perfect to use audio from the performance of Shimcheongga. Currently, I am looking at different songs as well as performance types. Two of the videos are pansori and one is changgeuk. The difference being changgeuk is more theatrical and has multiple voices while pansori is a single singer performing a long session and taking the role of all the parts.

This past week I worked on adding animations, cameras, and adjusting lighting. Based on the pansori, I ended up adjusting the materials so that the pearl of the dragon and the lotus glow. The reason is in Shimcheongga, the Dragon King returns the daughter to the land in a lotus after making her sacrifice to the the sea to save her father. So I wanted the pearl to be a catalyst to the lotus and story. In addition, I did animate some of the caustic lighting. The floating roof was also animated to move as if drifting in water. The three scenes have been uploaded to the render farm queue.

The current questions I have are what order to put the three scenes in? What editing will be added onto these rendered sequences in After Effects? And the most important, what needs to be done and can be done in the next week before the project is due to complete all of my intended goals.

One week left means it is time to put everything together, so the next steps are to check out the renders, adjust any lighting and cameras. After those are good, I will start processing and stitching the videos together in After Effects. I plan to add extra layers, like plants, as well as extra caustics.

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