Space Unlocked (Projection Mapping Animation)

Modeling | Horror Sequence Lighting | Animating

With Marcy Paredes, this project was developed to reflect the genres of sci-fi and horror to create a short story driven by lighting. Paredes started the sequence with bright sci-fi lighting inspired by Solaris and Space Odyssey while my sequence of lighting was heavily inspired by Guillermo del Toro films, like Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Crimson Peak. This particular animation will be projected using ISADORA onto a physical version of this particular environment.

Home Again

Environment Modeling and Layout, Lighting, Simulations (Maya)

Working with Thomas Ellsworth and Jessica Sunderhaft, we worked to create a story that merges imagination drawn from the love and ties found in family. My role was to take Sunderhaft’s story and visualize the models to represent significant points within a short time. We played with the idea of using 2D imagery to translate between the imagined plane space with the girl’s bedroom, where she is playing. My favorite part of working on this project was designing the airplane sequence’s environment, where not only did I learn about cloud sims, but I got the chance to take inspiration from both Greek and Indian architecture to create a place grounded in both reality and imagination.

Slow Dancing at Midnight

Modeling, Lighting, Animating (Maya) | Compositing, 2D FX, Kaleidoscope (After Effects)

In Slow Dancing at Midnight, I worked with the musician Kovei to create a symbolic visualization of the tale of a Korean prince and Indian princess. As we developed this project, we were interested in what it meant to merge traditional patterns and architecture with the inspiration drawn from anime and the photography of Liam Wong.

The Tale of Shim Chong – Lighting Breakdown

Growing up as half-Korean, I have always been interested in the traditions of Korea and took a course to learn more about the arts. This led me to pansori, a traditional musical and vocal form of storytelling. Inspired by The Tale of Shim Chong, I wanted to create an environment that reflected not only the story but the deep, painful, longing, and triumphant emotions of the story. My main goal of this project was to examine how light worked with the form to generate mood.

Specious Spaces

Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Camera (Maya)

Specious Spaces is an animation that takes on the form of a title sequence to generate a poetic form of narration. Void of characters, this project utilizes light to contrast emotional points with childhood trauma as a result of child abuse. The big idea for this project was using contrasting visual elements such as lighting and imagery to examine the narrative of child trauma. The method of working was through a mix of storyboards, lighting, and forms, which was backed up and referenced to different VR, animation, film, and game styles. During this project, I developed various frameworks that analyze the pass of emotions in conjunction to research, styles, content, and senses.

Doll House

Modeling, Lighting, Animating, Cloth Simulation (Maya)

House Unraveling

Folklore Influences on Pagan Architecture

Modeling, Camera (Maya)

Branching off the idea of objects providing information, Pagan Folklore & Architecture creates a woven connection of a lost and revived culture by intermingling forms and relying on color to guide viewer connection of architectural form over time. In conjunction with a theoretical architecture course, the concept is to create an understanding of time and culture pertaining to Eastern Europe through environment-reliant storytelling. During the development, I learned how to synthesize text and photographs to create speculative connections based on visual attributes and lost histories.

Eternal Transience

Modeling, Lighting, Camera (Maya)

Dusk Emergency Initiative

Modeling, Lighting, Staging, Texturing (Maya, Cinema 4D, Mudbox, Quixel Mixer) | Sound, VFX (After Effects)

View the Behind-the-Scenes here:

Dusk Emergency Initiative analyzes implicit bias within the healthcare system. Through an abstract and limited first person lens, audiences are forced to navigate a horror hospital environment. Void of character interactions, viewers must actively look deep into their surroundings to piece together the sociological narrative. In order to best understand the gravity of this unaddressed “monster” in society, viewers must ask, is it the individuals’ actions or is there a “hidden force” that shapes us all?

Children of War (2017)

Environment, Character (Photoshop) | Animating, VFX (After Effects)

Children of War is a piece that explores the psychological damage, particularly in children in war torn areas. This piece primarily focuses on children’s accounts of Hiroshima to act as a starting point of analyzation for understanding a glimpse of the horrible conditions numerous children are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. While this happened many years ago, children around the world still continue to experience the effects of brutal internal and external conflicts.

Tribute to Oskar Fischinger (2017)

Animation (After Effects)

Tribute to Oskar Fischinger is a piece utilizing visual music is meant to be a calm reflection on my Korean heritage. There are many instances of using the colors in the Korean flag on certain frames as well as using shapes and patterns that resemble imagery and structures within South Korea.