About Me

My name is Emily Subr. I am a fourth year undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Art and Technology at The Ohio State University. During my fourth year, I will be working on applying to a Master’s program to further my pursuit in animation and game development. Currently, I have a strong interest in 3D modeling, textures/materials, and enviornmental design.

One of the biggest influences on me as an artist is being Korean American. Having grown up with both traditions and ideologies, I have always been interested in human interactions across various cultures. This curiosity towards culture also led me to fall in love with architecture and the unique design between different regions, especially in Asia.

On top of art, I am very passionate about community service and helping others grow. On campus, I have actively worked with UNICEF to raise money to provide clean water, vaccinations, and meals for children in areas of crisis. I have also participated in Buckeyethon to raise money for children with pediatric cancer. In addition to that, I created a project that worked with a local school district to help Operation Gratitude. Together with the children of six different schools, we used creativity and imagination to create over 2,000 wonderful works of art for the holidays to show support and gratitude for the new, deployed, and retired troops as well as wounded warriors.

As an Asian American woman, art for me is a poweful tool to convey stories that are often unknown by taking wonderful moments as well as tragic ones and turn them into beautiful pieces that inspire and touch people around the world. I hope to make an impact on children and teach them that no matter what situation is thrown at them, they can change things and come out strong.