Promised Neverland

Interested in how waste is slowly taking over much of our environment, I mixed both a dream-like quality with a desolate land. This was a collaborative effort with other students, who helped model the Altoid container, pipes, and tree. I retextured every model to make it look worn down so it would fit within the space. Lightbulbs and tree turned into glass and ice. Altoid boxes were turned into rocks. Buckets and pipes were mostly kept the same texture minus a few small adjustments to how they reflected the surfaces around them. All the objects were replicated mulitple times throughout the spaces. I wanted the appearances of the objects not to feel so foreign but like they belonged: trash invading the planet and creating its own vision. I worked a lot with different lighting and atmospheres to play with the mood of the final product of the remix.


The box being transparent welcomes you in. Just from the outside the beautiful flower, jewelry, and money are inviting, and there is this abundance of wealth and beauty. However, as each drawer is opened, the objects are stuck in place unable to be reached. Then, the bottom drawer is opened. Inside words, like greed, abandonment, and division, swim in a pool of resin, filling its empty and once promising spaces. Like, Pandora’s box, it looks inviting and tempting. Open it up, and for a moment, there is beauty, but instead of ending with the hope that was at the bottom of the box of destruction, there is disillusionment and questions of self.

A beautiful box stands before you. From the box, flowers and vines grow, something beautiful must be inside. Right? Being half-Korean and half-American, I have always had questions about my identity. My appearances kept me from being accepted on either side. Eventually, I began to embrace one side loving the idea and cultures, and even joined communities that opened their arms to me. However, what I discovered and what I witnessed changed my views on what it meant to be “Asian”.

Because this piece is personal to my experiences, I took the object out of a gallery context. As the viewer scrolls down through the images, the light of the sky disappears as the viewer gets a closer look to what is in the box. I wanted the images to focus in on the beauty of the exterior and then focus on questions towards the interior. I did end up including the word “hope” at the bottom to reference Pandora’s Box, which I originally intended to keep only negative words.

Built Object:

Building this box took a lot of trial and error and patience. Using the laser cutter allowed me to get all the details that I desired, and once I put it all together, it really seemed to mimic the 3D models. The 3D printed objects went through many trials of materials, such as tape and paint. In the end, I used Citadel paint, which is used for game figurines. It gave me the color I wanted and worked nicely on the plastic. I ended up purchasing acrylic glue, which bonded the glass well, but I struggled to remove the glue that stuck to the edges. In the end, there are still noticeable spots that I wish I could remove. Resin turned out to be much harder than I anticipated and became the main problem for the piece. The resin dripped in cracks that I did not notice until after I poured the resin, so when I checked back the next day, it created a hard shell around the drawers. I worked to cut off most of the hardened resin, but it still created a barrier that once I place the drawers into their designated holes, they became stuck. However, one drawer is still able to be opened and closed. Based on the critique of the render, I went back and thought about how to use the wire in a more purposeful way. This led me to create wire flowers, which I felt really proud of and made the box more exciting from multiple angles. Overall, I am proud of the final product because of how close it is to the plans I created.

3D Model Renders:

blobject project 1
blobject project 2
blobject project 3
blobject project 4
blobject project 5


(1) Korean Box, (2) Uram Choe “Una Limino Callidus”, (3) Korean Box, (4) Korean designs, (5) Pandora’s Box, (6) Uram Choe “Una Lumino”, (7) Uram Choe “Una Lumino”



This piece was placed into Unity and has two main portions. The first is the table with the pomegranate that Persephone eats and the second is the River Styx. Each area has a story trigger that allows users to gather more information. It is not necessary to find the pieces as it is more of an exploratory piece, but if they find it, it spurs further actions of looking.

Most of the building foundations were made in Cinema 4D. The gold decorations were all downloaded from various places. The tablecloth was created with the cloth tool and soft body on a plane. Normal maps, displacement maps, and reflection were used on most textures. The scene has over 20 lights of various colors and styles to highlight certain areas. I wanted it to feel dark and powerful.

Users are able to navigate the space through normal arrows on the keyboard as well as using the mouse to move the camera view. Space bar allows jumping and shift allows speed to increase.

Hades’ Palace Project Proposal:

The Greek mythology of Hades and Persephone has always been an intriguing subject for me because of the ideas of unrequited love, kidnapping, and death. Recently, it has made a rise in the world of web comics with various adaptations detailing the fate of Persephone as either a tragedy or a romance. Influenced by my own curiosity of this popular Greek myth, I would like to create an index, similar to the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. With my fabricated index, I want the message to depict the aftermath of Persephone eating the pomegranate seeds. I am interested in the seeds because ultimately, this is what keeps Persephone in the Underworld for half of the year leading to the winter and spring seasons. It is interesting how love, greed, and desire can lead to massive implications on the environment. I see this as a parallel to the way society is going. We are so invested in the consumer world and technological advances, we are forgetting about the implications it has on nature and animals.

In order to achieve this story without the use of people, I want to structure a scene that has a lot of contradicting aspects with the main focal point being the pomegranate and the seeds. I have done some research on cathedrals as well as Greek architecture. I want to create a hybrid between these two styles. The setting will be dark with blues, blacks, greys. I want the red of the pomegranate to stand out. I am also thinking of including plants to symbolize Persephone, but I want to make sure that they have a very stark contrast between the solid, dark, dead feeling of the Underworld. I want to also build all of the setting and objects if time is permitted. I want there to be a destruction of nature, but also nature that is working to survive in the scene. I know it might be a lot for the plans; however, I want to make sure that the style of every component is able to successfully stand with each other. Also, because the objects and looks are so specific to what I envision, it will be hard to pull free models out that will meet the quality and design needs. I do plan on attempting to bring it into Unity. I am a little concerned about how the textures will transfer over because if I do certain textures through Cinema4D, I would have to figure out how to code the shaders. If this doesn’t work, I would love to make a large print of the scene to go with it.

Visual Aids/Reference for structures, lighting, mood, and composition: 

Sketches and Rough 3D Scene Mockup for Space Test:


How does an object transcend the flow of time? I am interested in the old versus the new and shiny. This was a piece I did through the substance Painter tutorials. I feel as though this piece displays a good amount of history of travel and dust, but I wish I had chosen a different color for the lamp, like a red or yellow. I feel like with a vibrant color, it creates more questions of its origins.

Projection Mapping


The animation is projected onto a ball that is held by a hand. Both physical pieces are spray painted white.


This project focuses mainly on the changing of color in relation to the embryo. The color is symbolic of various emotions that appear with life choices, both good and bad from the beginning of life until the end.

Sources for Sound:

Corfield, Richard. “The Poem – 02 by RikkyBoy399.” Freesound, 11 June 2014,

“Heart Beat by Thenudo.” Freesound, 6 Feb. 2012,

“Indian Bell Chime.wav by Misstickle.” Freesound, 31 Dec. 2013,

Nickalls, Peter. “Engineered to Perfection.” Shutterstock,

3D models:

These first models test different color schemes. The experimentation is to find the best colors that represent life and possibilities in relation to dreams and decisions. The model is projected onto a sphere and a hand to demonstrate how the projection interacts with the space it is projected onto. Various angles are presented to show how the projection might appear to the viewer.

Tutorials Used for Creation:


These are ideas for sounds associated with models in animation.


For the use of a heartbeat, I would want to play with how fast or slow it moves to mimic a state or peace or anxiety.

crying baby:

The sound would be muffled or in the background.

wings flapping:

This would have to be a sound that is reproduced with an umbrella or gloves to match the timing of the animation.

3D Model Work-in-Progress:

These are testing different feather structures and how they come together.

Conceptual Art: 

When I began thinking of common objects that would be interesting to explore, I had opened my fridge to find eggs. Eggs to me are associated with life. Life is an amazing thing. From the beginning of conception to the end of life, people and animals undergo a vast amount of change, whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. The embryoic stage is so fascinating for it is when the major external body structure begin to appear. However, at this time, life is extremely fragile and can be easily influenced. When looking at the embryo, this piece of cells and organs has so much potential to give to the world, yet if it is raised or developed under the wrong conditions, it can quickly become something burdensome and cruel.


For this piece, I plan on projecting an embryo and wings onto an egg that will either be sculpted from styrofoam or 3D printed. Although not associated with the human biology, wings are a symbol of dreams and power. This adds to the idea that the embryo although it may one day grow to have dreams, no one knows where life will take it. Life is a mystery, suspended by the unkown.


Inspiration for egg/fetus :


There is also a threat or danger in the world. Specifically, this project explores the idea of trash and fish. As the water pours from the bottle, the fish is relocated to a new home, which is accompanied by trash and a broken cup. While the fish is safe for the time being, it is only a matter of time before the water in the cup is emptied, and the fish will greeted by death.

This project would have a bottle, cup, and plastic trash as tangible objects that water and the fish would be projected onto.


This project focuses on the development of life. A flower blooms from a mannequin hand, which is attributed as cold and lifeless. However, it becomes a place, where a flower blooms and defies the odds.

This piece would be projected onto an actual mannequin hand.