The world of dreams and nightmares. Simply a reflection of our daily lives, our wants, our desires, our fears. Some nights, when I close my eyes, the beautiful dreams quickly become dark reminders of my mortality and those that have left far too soon. I question the beliefs I hold, the choices I have made, and the place where those have left the world have moved on to. In the time I have been in college, I have lost many people to suicide, to old age, and to illness. It makes you feel helpless and some nights when I lay in my bed, battling my constant anxiety feeling empty and alone.

I want to create an animation that explores dreams shifting into not necessarily a nightmare but of things that are out of human control. I want to create a story I have never tried before. Something that almost makes me uncomfortable to approach.

For this animation, I want to utilize vibrant colors that contrast very dark scenes. I want to move away from dialogue and want to have strong imagery that has to be pieced together and cannot be fully examined until the end. I plan to once again use a composer. I have enlisted the help of Cooper Wood, who worked on the score for my last animation Dusk Initiative Emergency.

I came across Liam Wong’s photography, and I am really inspired by his use of color and lighting. I hope to get a similar tone across in my animation, especially in the dream sequence.

Magritte, “Golconda”