Eternal Transience

Serenity: AR App

Modeling, Lighting (Maya)

Korean Celadon: Preserving Culture

Modeling, Lighting (Maya) | Textures (Substance Painter)

Racism and Food?

Modeling, Lighting (Maya)

Dusk Initiative Emergency

This project is analyzing implicit bias within the healthcare system. Through an abstract and limited first person lens, audiences are forced to navigate a horror hospital environment. Void of character interactions, viewers must actively look deep into their surroundings to piece together the sociological narrative. In order to best understand the gravity of this unaddressed “monster” in society, viewers must ask, is it the individuals’ actions or is there a “hidden force” that shapes us all?

Modeling, Lighting (Maya, Cinema 4D) | Textures (Substance Painter, Photoshop)

Promised Neverland

 When I approached this project, I was interested in creating a land that mixes fantasy and destruction. I wanted the appearances of the objects not to feel so foreign but like they belonged: trash invading the planet and creating its own vision. This piece took around a month to complete. I am extremely happy with the atmosphere and the glass trees, but I wish that the sea and the land had a little more separation.

Modeling, Lighting (Cinema 4D) | Texturing (Quixel Mixer)

Continuous War Train

Completed under an internship with Ken Rinaldo, this piece is meant to provoke thought on not only policies pertaining to weapons and war but also how media and Hollywood play a part in how we glorify/perceive certain aspects of war. I worked on this project from July 2018 to November 2018.

Modeling, Lighting, Staging, Texturing (Cinema 4D)

Pandora’s Box

This piece is meant to be a representation of my experiences in the Asian community as a half-Korean and half-American. For me, it is like this glass box. Everything looks transparent and beautiful, but the insides can be cruel and destructive and sometimes hard to reach. This piece took around a month. The end shape I feel is very successful, however, I wish I could have made the sky a little differently because the contrast sits strange.

Modeling, Texturing | Lighting (Cinema 4D)

Ghost Light

This project draws inspiration from Korean culture looking at its colors and traditional structures. My intended purpose was to make a very child-like character that is trying to make its way through the world, specifically the human world. Because it is a child-like setting, the objects are rounded to feel safe.

Modeling, Lighting, Rigging (Maya) | Textures (Photoshop)

Lost Youth

This project, I was interested in creating a character that exist in a post-apocalyptic world. The character looks simple and fragile, but she has seen the pain of humanity and mask it behind her blood red eyes.

Modeling (Mudbox) | Texturing (Substance Painter)