Interactive Design

Dance with the Sea King

Interactive Animation

Emily Subr (Director, Modeler, Animator) | Hsi-Yuan Chu and Jeremy Patterson (Network Script Writers) | Juan Torres, Liz Hejny, Mila Gajic (Additional Prop Modelers) | Felicity Murphy (Physical Prop Designer)

Tales of Body

Unity Game

Joon Park, Angela Zheng, and Manuel Noriega-Ramos (Voice Actors)


Augmented Reality App for Stress

Shivam Patel (Engineering) | Emily Subr (Design & Modelling)

Eyes of Mariam (on-going)

Virtual Reality Experience

Shadrick Addy (Director & Interactivity Design) | Mila Gajic (Character & Animation Design) | Emily Subr (Sound, Narrative, UX Design) | Juan Diego Torres Brenes LaRoche (Environment Design)

The Sacrifice of Shim Cheong

Physical and Digital Lighting Experience

Emily Subr (Director, Asset Modeler, Physical Prop Designer, Live Dancer), Liz Hejny (Concept Development, Water Simulations, Narrative Performer), Owen Kabelitz (Physical Prop Designer, Stage Manager), Thomas Ellsworth (3D Layout Artist, Dragon Animator, Projection Mapping Specialist, Live Performer), Sarah Dooling (Animator, Lighting Board Operator), Jessica Sunderhaft (Animator, Physical Lighting Operator), Marcy Paredes (Asset Modeler, Projection Mapping Specialist), Hannah Powers (2D Animator, Physical Prop Designer)

My Dearest Friends

Web Based Educational Game