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  • Shimcheongga

    Recently, in Korean 5455 with the visit of Professor Chan Park, I revisited the world of pansori. Pansori is a form of storytelling performed by a singer and drummer. The performances can go up to six hours. In her visit, Professor Park discussed different elements of the performance and gave her own demonstration with The […]

  • Diving Deeper Underwater

    In class, Heran Zhou had recommended checking out Abzu, a video game that takes place underwater. When I checked out the trailer, I was really surprised by the colors of the setting. Besides the blue for the ocean, some of the scenes were super green or yellow, and the vibrancy of color was different compared […]

  • Underwater Editing

    This week I continued down the path of 3D modeling. However, the biggest focal point of the week was how to generate a water atmosphere in post with After Effects. As I was researching, I was really intrigued by the way Aquaman was developed with the actors acting in front of a blue or green […]

  • Adventures Underwater

    To start off the week, I turned three of my sketches into colored images. I had picked the first one because I liked the mix between the modern architecture inspired by Namsan Tower merged with the traditional architecture of a palace. For me, this one felt perfect to incorporate some glowing lights into the surface […]

  • Understanding a New Direction

    They say you cannot compare an apple to an orange, but what do you do when that apple is also an orange? Being half-Korean and half-American, identity has been something I have struggle with. I have experienced issues of acceptance growing up and figuring out what it means to place myself within the boarders of […]

  • 5-Week Project Review

    My project Specious Spaces is an animation that takes on the form of a title sequence to generate a poetic style of narration. Void of characters, the project utilizes light and color in various environments to bring attention to contrasting emotional points with childhood trauma as a result of abuse. The feedback I got on […]

  • Lighting for Impact

    This past week in Design 6400, all the students were paired with a partner to review each other’s projects. After presenting my short statements and showing some of the scenes I was working on at the time, I was presented with two questions… 1. Can you explain what you’re doing in simpler terms? 2. What […]

  • Another Step Forward

    Last semester, one of my classmates had recommended That Dragon, Cancer, a video game that tells the story of Joel Green’s fight against terminal cancer. This game created by his parents Ryan and Amy Green is a poetic, dream-like, nightmarish experience that shifts between both an insider and outsider perspective of the situation. I was […]

  • Experimentation

    After reading Kien Hoang’s Space Tells, Space Expands, Space Acts: An Exploration of Computer Animation through Spatial Concepts, I have been wondering what it means to me for a space to embody or what it takes for a viewer to engage in a piece emotionally. Besides the space and working to build it, I kept […]

  • Reconstructing

    This past week has been like standing in a field of flowers trying to build a bouquet. There are so many options; however, when you throw too many things together, it can sometimes become jumbled. Because of this, I find myself re-evaluating what I have done and what I need to do moving forward to […]